Speaker Series

The goal of the LRI Speaker Series is to bring in eminent scholars, creators, and hands-on learning practitioners to campus to support a local culture that is supportive of student learning.  These talks may focus on the actual processes involved in student learning, issues of concern to educators, or discussions on topics that will enhance and encourage a positive academic experience. 
The LRI sponsors and co-sponsors talks available to the campus and local community.  Guest speakers have included Alan S. Kaufman on “IQ and Controversy:  What is the Role of Heredity and What Happens to Our Intelligence as We Age?,” Robert J. Sternberg on “A Model for Developing Leadership,” Beth Liebson Hawkins on “Raising Biracial Children,” Susan Perry and Stephen Perry on “Telling the Truth:  Writing in Flow Using Your Own and Others' Stories,” Diane Halpern on her APA presidential research, Jason Cole on data management, and Ronald Beghetto and David Hecht on innovate teaching.